Artisans of Kruja

Elida Cela

Elida Cela


Since I grew up in a large family, my grandmother, who was a loom worker, always taught her daughters and nieces. Since then, I have put into practice my gained knowledge. Traditional costumes were something that we lacked in our family to put on special occasions. So, this prompted me to deal with the preparation of traditional costumes. The beginning was very exciting. I bought an old costume and stripped it all and then started to reshape it bit by bit. It took me six months to make the first costume. It was the most exciting work.

Elida has participated in many fairs inside and outside the country, such as Italy, Fiera Delevante, Prishtina, Prizren, Tirana, Gjirokastër, Saranda, etc.

She has participated in the artisans’ project developed by the American Foundation in the Old Bazaar where she represented the artisans of the city of Kruja, she also represented the artisans of the city of Kruja in the 10th anniversary of the AADF.

She participated in traditional clothes in Albanian fashion kids