Artisans of Kruja

Flutura Nreu & Bukurie Vathi

Flutura Ndreu
Bukurie vathi


I am a woman from Kruja. Kruja women and girls have traditionally engaged in handicrafts, including crocheting, embroidery, needlework, etc. I learned to crochet and embroider from a younger age, and later was employed at the Kruja Artistic Enterprise. After the change of the government system in Albania, I started working on a loom at home, producing woolen works, carpets and rugs for selling.

Now I work with my friend Flutura Ndreu and together we rented a shop in the old Bazaar. We weave carpets, using both traditional patterns and according to customer requirements.

Recently we have started recycling old carpets to design sustainable bags. Tourists love them a lot because they buy something cheap and unique. In our shop, we also sell the handmade items of other artisans who work at home, such as: cotton tablecloths, woolen socks and various authentic works like traditional costumes.