Artisans of Kruja


Handmake work of wool, cotton and silk
Crochet and embroidery textile work
Decorative and functional beadwork
Traditional costumes
Filigree work
Copper work

Our promise

Craftsmanship, Authenticity, Competence, Quality, Warranty, Design, Original materials, Sustainability
Our honesty and integrity highlight some aspects of Kruja rich cultural and historical heritage as a source for the continuation of local traditional handicraft. Further development, preservation and promotion of our heritage is essential for revitalization of various craftsmanship.
To be a leading brand known locally and globally for our passion for quality, service and promotion of Kruja beauty, with our identity and values.

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Handicrafts Development Center

We love our works. Through them we constantly preserve our tradition. We are proud of our craftsmanship. We inherit crafts from our ancestors and use them in our work, making them known to future generations, foreign or local. We create extraordinary products from our unique heritage and create long-term relationships with our customers because of the passion and identity we convey through them.

Designs that make a difference

Traditional vest


Fez and traditional wool socks

Artisans of Kruja

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