Artisans of Kruja

Kumrie Berushi

Kumrie Berushi


Kumrie Berushi is an artisan with a long working experience of more than four decades. Kumrie is a master of tailoring and embroidery and creates extraordinary products for everyday use. Kumrie started handcrafting at the early age of 14 with recycling items, inspired from patching as it was used at the old time, due to the large shortages in clothing.

Later, Kumrie learned hand and machine embroidery known as gjergjef, needlework, and crochet. During the period that Kumrie has worked at the Kruja Artistic Enterprise, in the afternoons she has worked on embroidering of girls’ dowries for marriage, as a work inherited from the family. She used to embroider home decorations, sets of sheets, curtains, tablecloths, etc. As technology advanced and the use of embroidery machines came in, Kumrie started producing customized products for hotels, t-shirts, etc.

Her natural aesthetic allows Kumrie to go beyond traditional craftsmanship by bringing innovative items. Also, Kumrie has demonstrated to use her skill for the needs of daily life. During the period of the Covid-19 pandemic, Kumria was among the only artisans who prepared handmade masks for consumers. Lately, she has been making shopping bags, which are made by recycling leftover pieces or clothes that are no longer used.

All products are handmade maintaining a high standard of workmanship. They are mainly fabric texture, made with different materials such as fabric, cambric, cloth, etc. Kumria is active and constantly participates in various fairs that are organized inside and outside Albania.