Artisans of Kruja

Makbule Kaçiu

Makbule Kaçiu


My interest in handcrafting was stimulated by my mother, who used to embroider with gjergjef, and prepared the girls’ dowry for marriage, an Albanian tradition. While embroidering my mother would often tell me her story of preparing her dowry for a wedding including making curtains embroidered with uzhur (holed flowers) and cushions, decks with flowers in the center and sides that embodied the beauty of nature through embroidery. I started embroidery at a young age and perfected the handwork thanks to the necessary tools that my tailor brother owned. In addition to handcrafting for the bedroom, other handmade products related to kitchen constitute an important part in my artisan activity.

I embroidered the pillows and traditional Albanian sofa in such a way that they impress visitors. I worked as a carpet weaver with traditional motifs at the Kruja Artistic Enterprise. As the demand for national traditional costumes increased, so did my passion toward them, especially for traditional costumes with motifs of central Albania areas.